Gatlinburg Wedding Packages for Two

Weddings are wonderful occasions, but sometimes there are valid reasons for not having elaborate festivities. It is often times more simple to just have two people, the officiant, and witnesses, if required, to complete the ceremony for your wedding. An elopement with Gatlinburg wedding packages for two can be less costly than a wedding in terms of time, money, and organizational hassle.

The Most Important Factor

The most important factor in eloping is that it is your wedding and you should have control over the ceremony. Traditional weddings attract input and advice, wanted and unwanted, from everyone who thinks they are well intentioned about the festivities. Eloping means that the focus is on you as a couple and not as part of a bargaining collective, however loving and nurturing your community may be to you as newlyweds. Gatlinburg wedding packages for two make that possible. An elopement gives you breathing space as a couple to define the boundaries of this new and wonderful relationship that you are creating within your community.


The cost of an average wedding is over $20,000. If you are on a budget, it is time to prioritize whether spending the money is worth breaking your budget. A wedding is one day in your life; a marriage is (hopefully) longer. Eloping gives you money to make what really matters, the marriage, more stable. Gatlinburg wedding packages allow just that. This is sensible for those who are divorced or widowed because combining two households, even without kids, creates a reassessment and realignment of financial priorities that would be complicated with wedding costs. Investing in new furniture, renovations to a house, or good causes you share are worthy options for money you would otherwise spend on the wedding.


Money is not the only decisive factor in eloping. Organizing a wedding with catering, hotel reservationists, photographers, musicians, florists, bands, and DJs,—-the list can go on for miles—-requires time out of your lives that is better used to spend important moments with the one you love. Eloping means that you can focus on each other and not on worries that the cake will arrive or if the band members’ van hit a pothole on the way to the reception.

Family Cost and Organization

The cost to families and friends to attend a wedding is a factor. Unless you live in a tight-knit community where you have not moved or the people you know have not moved, then requesting family members and friends to travel long distances is a financial and organizational burden for them.  It is especially difficult for older people or those with young children to travel without a great deal of advanced planning. Be sure to inform people of your choice and your reasons so that they do not feel left out and remember to assure your loved ones that you will visit.


When you elope, you can also choose a special place to get married that means something to you, without worrying about whether your guests can physically access it. For example, if you are an avid hiker, being married on a mountaintop is more feasible when you don’t have to consider guests who do not share your passion or hiking abilities.